Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to get started?

Basic equipment starts at about £50-60 each for a 1/32nd and 1/24th scale standard car. These cars are much stronger and faster than Scalextric and will provide many years racing service and are ready to run to allow you to compete in all LSCC classes except Formula One (F1). Cars eligible for F1 are a similar price but completely different rule-set and design. (We are very flexible often allowing non F1 cars to race in the F1 class). In addition, you will need a hand controller which can range from £75 upwards. There is always second hand kit around at much cheaper prices - ask for details of anything you need. The club has a shop that supplies most consumables and also maintains a set of club cars so your first few weeks will cost you very little.

What skills do I need to do the hobby?

The key skill is a good driving aptitude. You will also need to maintain the cars so need a level of basic engineering skills including soldering and metal work. Artistic skills can be applied to bodyshell paintwork but this is not essential. As you progress, you will learn about chassis design, motor maintenance and general preparation of the car including tyres, bodyshells etc.

What sort of people do the hobby?

In general, anyone who enjoys driving Scalextric could enjoy this. You will need an amount of engineering and car preparation skills. It helps if you are a keen competitor to get to the higher levels but many people do it simply because they enjoy the challenge of preparing and driving high performance machinery.

What sets these cars apart from Scalextric cars?

One key fact to remember is that these cars are not intended to be models of full size racers. They are a technology in their own right and are generally hand-built from laser cut steel which is designed to twist and bend to handle the massive cornering forces which are higher than a modern F1 car. Everything about the car is geared for performance. The car sits less than 0.5mm from the track, motors are massively more powerful than Scalextric and drive the car through wide sticky sponge tyres. Bodyshells are the only part of the car that is above ½ inch high and are made from very thin and strong lexan plastic and only bear a passing resemblance to the full scale model. The bodyshell is designed to exert maximum force from the airflow over it. To give an idea of the performance difference, these cars will lap a Scalextric car 3 times on our track.

Do I need to pay to race?

Yes. You should join the LSCC which is £50 per year and we will charge you race fees to cover track repairs and accommodation hire. See the Prices page for race fees.
This is on top of equipment that you buy.


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